East Texas Community Mourns Students

Flags all over the Hemphill area have been lowered to half-staff. A way to honor Hemphill High school students Sara Felts, Sarah adame and Sara Click. All three were killed in a traffic accident near Melrose last week.

"The young ladies were some of the best young ladies in our whole area in our community and this tragedy is about as bad as anything you can imagine," said Hemphill resident Tom Beall.

"They were all just outstanding students. They were role models for other students in the school. They were all just cheerful, happy girls. Just brought a lot of life to the school," Hemphill High Principal Marc Griffin said.

Hemphill High students have  built a memorial on campus, filled with photos and personalized messages to their deceased classmates.

"A small district, you know, when you lose one student, it's a tremendous loss. So losing three students you can kind of understand where we are with that as well. It's very difficult," Griffin told us.

Hemphill High faculty members and students tell us while the deaths have been hard to deal with, community support has been a big help in getting them through this difficult time.