Employees are Tired of Downtown Destruction

Several signs at Jennings Station in downtown Lufkin clearly warn skateboarders to stay off the premises, but security officer T.H. Wilson, Sr. said instead of obeying the rules, the vandals got violent and destroyed the signs. He believes hidden cameras would put a stop to downtown destruction.

Wilson said, "They wanted to skateboard out here which is dangerous to them. When I asked them to not do it, of course they attacked some of the signs and they let me know 'hey, we don't like what you said security'. But I think [surveillance equipment] is a good idea and I'm sure that the business people downtown will welcome that."

Some of the cracked sidewalks and broken concrete skateboarders are causing will cost thousands of dollars to repair. The Museum of East Texas relies on donations to operate daily and bring art to the city of Lufkin. Now, they'll have to find a way to replace the architecture that's become a popular part of the museum's history.

J.P. McDonald, M.E.T. director, said, "It's extremely difficult for non-profit organizations. We are an educational institution and we like to use our funding for educational programming for the benefit of families."

But the museum and bus depot are not the only buildings that have been hit by vandals, banks and other businesses in downtown Lufkin are also complaining about damage they believe has been caused by illegal skateboarding.

Roller skating, bicycling, and skateboarding on private or public property without permission can get you fined or ticketed.