Ordinance Causing Sparks For Electronic Sign Owners

In Nacogdoches, the lights almost went out on electronic message boards. A temporary moratorium was short circuited, but those in the sign business are concerned about future shockwaves.   Jason Monday, owner of Monday Sign Services said, " I'm worried. I'm very worried. The way the initial plan is drawn up now, I've seen it. It doesn't work for people who spent 50 and 60 thousand dollars on these signs. Their money is wasted in 6 months."

Cities, including Nacogdoches want to regulate illumination and flashes per second. So Monday's advice to his customers is, " Take the flash out. They don't need the flash anyway. There's enough animation and enough presence known that they are catching attention without the flashing." Yet, sign companies contend too strict a policy restricts what motorists can read.

Keeping a close watch on proposed changes is the coordinator of Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful. " This is real ambiguous," said Kent Hutchison. He's pointing to the Nacogdoches sign ordinance. It's being revised. The organization is willing to compromise, to a degree. Hutchison says, "Get rid of all bill boards, static and otherwise. All billboards are visual clutter, but these electronic signs, we need to make this easier so sign companies and businesses know what the rules are."

Monday had anticipated an ordinance change. He spent all of Tuesday selling electronic signs in Nacogdoches. He had a good day. " In the past 24 hours we've had 9 sales of them in Nacogdoches County alone." So far, Lufkin has no sign ordinance. Monday says he's anxious to hit that market as soon as he can.