Man Loses His Best Friend

by Jessica Cervantez

It has been a rough week for Goldman Dixon. The Lufkin resident would spend his days working at an apartment complex, but for the past nine years, spent his evenings with his black chow, Cocoa.

"He was a good dog, everyone like him," Dixon said.

Now all Goldman has left are memories of Cocoa.  He says he noticed a change in Cocoa a few days ago, he was not his normal playful self.

"I noticed it a few days ago.  He wasn't as playful, he was drinking a lot of water, and he wasn't eaten."

Goldman says he changed Cocoa's dog food every few weeks, and just recently fed her Iams and Ol'Roy wet food. Just two of more than 90 brands manufactured by Menu Foods that contain wheat gluten, an ingredient that helps to thicken pet food gravy. Contaminated gluten has been identified as a likely source of contamination in the recalled pet foods.

Goldman says by telling his story, he hopes others can be saved from going through the same heartache of losing a pet.