Hemphill Student Funeral

Dozens of mourners gathered to remember Sara Click, one of three Hemphill High students killed in a car wreck.

"She just had a good attitude on life. She had a great attitude on life. She lived everyday like she was supposed to. She was a great student, a great leader," her former bandmate Bobby Woods said.

"she was just the person everybody wanted to know. She was a sweet girl. She helped me out whenever i needed anything."

Family members, friends, and community members all turned out in large numbers, at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center in Pineland.  The parking lot was parked with cars. In fact, we were told that so many people attended the funeral that the service was standing room only.Many Hemphill students were bused out to the funeral to say goodbye to their former classmate. Hemphill High band members even carried white carnations to honor their former bandmate's memory. The funeral brought tears to many eyes. But many funeral goers told us they would try to remember the good times they had with Sara to help get them through.

"I would say the positive is just that we all got a chance to live with her as long as we did and she's touched all our hearts. So we could just take everything we know about her along with us for our future lives," one of her former classmates told us.

"We'll do our best to understand and try to move on. But we're having a hard time right now. But we will try our best to make it," added Yvonne Lee, Sara's former 6th grade teacher.