Junior Steer Show

Hair spray, combs and an eye for style. Steer hair stylist Brent Lucas knows all the secrets.  He advised that you brush,      " Up and forward. Take it towards his ears. It makes them look fuller." When asked if he thought it fooled the judge in anyway?, he laughed and said, "No, it don't." nevertheless, exhibitors keep comb in hand all the way to the show ring.

Veteran agriculture teacher Larry Poe of Central Heights said,  " Our show is one of the few shows around that still shows with hair on them. And working the hair and taking care of it everyday is a big responsibility."

Steers stand in trim chutes to get their do's. Their use is restricted at larger shows. Fire marshals don't like them filling up fire escape routes, so steers are shaved. But there's plenty of room in the Nacogdoches Expo barns for young exhibitors to maintain their animal's long coats.

In weather with close to 80 degree temperatures, Chase Meador said it can be a challenge. " You just want to try to keep their hair long," said Meador as his short horn cross tugged away at its halter. The Central Heights student apologized,  "He's getting a little restless." Champion models can be moody.   After all, undergoing all that pampering can't  be easy.