Dreams In Construction

Solid Foundation tutors and mentors catch kids after a long day after school. Holding their attention is challenging.   But once its grabbed tutors are confident their assistance in school work and social skills is sinking in.

Vivian Vongorat, a social work student and volunteer said,  " Most of them are shy to ask the teacher for help. The parents don't have time, so with them coming here we have time to give them and help them with whatever they do." Students of all ages receive the assistance they need. Vivian points out her student. " He's a 10th grader and we work on the TAKS. We did the writing and reading."

Stephen F Austin State University's social work department provides a lot of help, but tutors come from all fields. When Forrest Williams was asked if his major is social work he answered, " Actually, no. It's accounting." Forrest is seeking a Presidential Service Award for volunteering at least 900 hours. He's expecting to achieve much more.    " You get more out of helping the kids than you would the service award. That's recognized on a resume, but you really get a lot more out of it when you see them learning something and you helped them with it." 'Dreams Under Construction' is how Solid Foundation states it.