Murder in Homer

Like many of her neighbors, Martha Watson has lived in this quiet neighborhood in Homer for years. Which is why they're having a hard time believing what happened here.

"It's a shock," said Watson.

"It shocked me. I couldn't believe it happened," said neighbor Mollie Parr.

At about 11:00 pm, this house on the Jim Fenley loop was the scene of a murder/suicide. Raymond Thompson shot and killed his wife Mary here and then shot himself.

Mollie Parr, who lives next door, says the Thompson's daughter came knocking on her door for help after the shootings.

"She said, 'They're dead! They're both dead! My daddy shot my mama, and then shot himself!'"

Homer residents never had any problems with the couple. They seemed to get along well, and were ideal neighbors.

'They were friendly when we spoke with them. They would stop, ask my husband if he needed any help. The man. And when I'd meet the woman we'd talk. Never had any problems," said Watson.

"They were always very pleasant, very friendly. They worked in the yard. Took care of their business and were just good neighbors," Parr added.