Dog Microchip

by Josh Ault

When a pet goes missing there is not many things an owner can do to make sure their pet is returned . . . until now.  Modern technology can identify your pet without you being there.

Helen Revelle, of Lufkin, has two Jack Russell Terriers named Lucy and Rudy.  She said, "People love their dogs.  This is a way if their dog gets loose, if something happened, they could find them."

Today at the Lufkin Farmer's Market, Vet Tech, Molly Nilsson, was inserting tiny microchips in dogs as a way to identify them.  The chip is smaller than a grain of rice.  She told KTRE that the identification system had been around for years, but after the hurricanes a lot more people were doing it.

It is a very simple process.  A small microchip is inserted right above the dogs whither.  The dog barely feels anything.  The chip is then scanned and the number recorded.  If the dog ever becomes lost, a veterinarian can scan the dog and get the owner's information.

The procedure goes for about $50.00.  Any veterinarian can do the implant, and the system is used world wide.