Spin It

Make sure you have your towel and water bottle, because there's no doubt this spinning class will make you break a sweat.

JaNiece Ceflau, who is a trainer who takes the class at the Court Club, said, "Oh yeah, we definitely sweat."

Spinning is a form of high-intensity exercise that involves using a stationary exercise bike, and it definitely is high intensity. It's a little red knob on the bike that determines how difficult a stage you're in. But of course, you can spin at your own pace.

Lisa Cosgrove, an instructor, said, "It works all kinds of different muscles.  It is good to supplement this type of work out if you're used to getting on a treadmill."

The spinning routine simulates actual bicycle rides from hill climbs to sprints, and music and dimmed lights help to set the mood for an intense work-out.

Don't be shy. Anyone can do it.