Abandoned Houses in Lufkin

To many East Texans, abandoned buildings like these are nothing but eyesores.

"I'd like to see them revived and become vital again. It makes me very sad to see abandoned homes and business," said Lufkin resident Carlotta Hunt.

"Some of them need to be torn down and some need to do some remodeling on them," said Steve English, another Lufkin resident.

Abandoned homes and businesses in Lufkin are not just specific to one area. And Lufkin code enforcement officials are doing all they can to correct violations.

"When we receive a violation, we start process on it and by law we have to give them so many days before we can move have the house torn down, demolished," Lufkin Code Enforcement Senior Officer Tara Jones told us.

Code Enforcement agents try to give building owners in violation plenty of notice to comply. But it depends on the situation.

"During that process of asking we normally try to abide by it unless it's a very bad case and it's very unsafe and then we'll have to move on it," Jones said.

Other problems often found around Lufkin are weeded lots, piles of trash and inoperable vehicles. City leaders realize there is a lot of work to be done, but they urge citizens to be patient.

"It's just a process of, it can't be done right then, but give us a little time. And we have to go by the law. And we like to try to help our citizens. So if they would ask for some time in accordance with the law, we work with them," said Jones.