High School Alcohol Screening

Several public high schools across the country have started testing their students for alcohol.

And while East Texas schools don't plan on doing it, many East Texans like the idea.

"I think it would be a good idea myself. That way you could tell whether or not they had alcohol, and there's so many of them that do it nowadays," said East Texan Nancy Free

"Yeah, I think they need to test them for alcohol, drugs, steroids...anything like that. Because that would endanger the kids, the other kids in the school, the teachers. They will endanger us on the highways when they get out of school," said Lufkin parent Barton Sowell.

As far as our high school, alcohol has not been an issue in school. Now it is an issue outside of school. Friday night, Saturday night...that type of deal," Nacogdoches ISD Police Chief Doug Ploch told us.

Some schools are now making it a point to test students on Mondays to see if they've been drinking over the weekend. Those opposed to the policy believe it violates students' right to privacy, and argue that it's the parents responsibility to monitor their children. But parents in favor say they wouldn't mind getting a little extra help from school officials.

"You can hide it from me but if you get to school and they're testing, then they're going to catch it and I'm going to find out about it. Then it's on!" said Barton.