News from around East Texas

Fish Advisory

State officials issue a warning asking you to limit your consumption of certain kinds of fish found in two East Texas lakes. That's after tests revealed elevated mercury levels in three species of fish. The advisory is for: Freshwater Drum and largemouth Bass found in Clear Lake and Hills Lake and Bowfin from Clear Lake. Officials say there's no risk of mercury poisoning from fishing, skiing or swimming in the lakes.

Marshall Flooding

Drivers in Harrison county were struggling to make their way through flooding streets in Marshall Tuesday. Several stalled in the water and had to wait for rescuers to help them out. Even nearby shops flooded, including this one right next to the street. It got six inches of standing water inside. Authorities tell us there were no reported injuries from the flooding, but 60 children did have to evacuate a local daycare that got as much as 3 feet of water inside.

City Secretary Sentencing

A former East Texas city secretary is fined for stealing from the city. Patty Cooper pleaded guilty last month to stealing 90-thousand dollars from the city of Bullard. In addition to paying back all 90-thousand dollars, Cooper will also have to serve 10 months probation.

T-Y-C Investigation

Legislators in Austin are now debating how to reform the troubled Texas Youth Commission, after allegations of sexual abuse at several facilities. But a former guard at one of the juvenile prisons says she never saw those problems. Three year T-Y-C Guard Leesa Adkins says while the state should expand facilities and hire more guards, the programs at T-Y-C do work. A proposal that many long-serving inmates be released before completing mandated reforms she says puts everyone at risk. "The majority of those kids heard what happened to one student and they're jumping on that boat and running with everything that they have to run with so they can get out, and I think the majority of them will be right back. Any releases of inmates because of the scandal are currently on hold. A house committee Tuesday passed a resolution demanding outside management of all T-Y-C activities.

Castle Doctrine Law

More power for Texans to defend their homes against intruders. Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry signed the so-called "Castle Doctrine" into law, which expands homeowners' rights to use deadly force against intruders. The Castle Doctrine law takes effect September first.

J-I-S-D Dress Code Woes

Concern and opposition is brewing over an East Texas school's newly approved dress code. Starting this fall, Jacksonville I-S-D students will have to wear black, khaki or navy pants and one of five - solid colored shirts. Christina Shields has two special needs children, including a 3 year old, that will be affected by the code. She says buying two sets of uniforms will cause a financial burden and she's upset about the mandatory dress code change. "It's a shame that our school officials are wasting tax payer money coming up with stuff like this and not educating our children like they need to be or dealing with the dress code and enforcing the dress code that we have in place now." The district says it will make exceptions for special needs children on a case by case basis.