Deadly Force Made Easier

Cloudy's Liquor in western Nacogdoches County is an easy target for intruders. Owner, Nelson Cloudy knows this. That's why he keeps a loaded shotgun within easy reach. The gun has collected dust because Cloudy has never had to use it.  " I have never been put to the test, thank goodness," said Cloudy as he reached for the gun.

As the law stands now, cloudy would have to try to run away from an intruder before shooting. Something Cloudy didn't know. The new self defense gun law will give him the right to shoot first. There are some stipulations. A person must believe their life is threatened before using deadly force.   Also they must   have a right to be at home, in their car or at work, not provoke the person against them, and not be engaged in a criminal activity at the time. The law takes effect September first.

The law is clearer, but it's still  a decision cloudy doesn't want to make. The elderly gentleman said, " I always hoped that I would have sense enough to know when to use the thing and not use it too quick. That's always been my fear."

In northern Nacogdoches County Lili Maaele is concerned about her safety everyday.    " Every customer that walks in here I can't help but wonder,are you the one," said the petite clerk who has had the job for seven years. Lili doesn't have a gun, but wants one.    " Yes, I would like very much to have one." When asked if she thought she could actually pull the trigger, she responded, "It depends on the situation. If I feel like my life is really endanger and I probably would."

Until Lili decides to take a gun course a security system is her best defense against crime.  A security camera provides useful information and can be a deterrent to crime, but not the reassurance Lili believes a handgun could provide. That peace of mind can also be extended to the automobile or at home.

No matter where, you'll have the choice to use deadly force. Cloudy reflected, " If they decide to come in and rob you or harm you there's nothing you can do other than try to protect yourself at the right time."