Wet is a Problem in East Texas

It's a popular way to get high and its affects are disturbing. People are smoking marijuana joints or tobacco cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid. On the street, it is known as wet or water.

Lufkin police corporal David Garza said one joint costs less than ten dollars and the signs of a suspect on wet are hard to miss.

"They're stripping off their clothes and running up and down the street and that's what we usually get a call on is a naked individual out in the roadway," said Corporal Garza. "Apparently it makes them lose their mind one way or another. For some reason they heat up and the only way they know how to cool down is to strip all their clothes."

Something else that's becoming more popular with East Texas youth is flavored methamphetamine. It's a dangerous drug with a chocolate, strawberry or some other kid-friendly taste.

Kim Simmons of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council said, "The manufacturers and people who sell methamphetamine are reporting that there's not a big push or there's not as high of a demand for the methamphetamine right now. The problem is still there, people are still using and we are still in a danger with it. When you hear of a strawberry or chocolate-based drug as opposed to hearing that it's methamphetamine, it loses some of that danger factor so it becomes a big threat for the kids."

Funeral home directors said embalming fluid is kept in restricted areas and is not easy to gain access to, even for mortuary employees.

Authorities said embalming fluid or formaldehyde is often stolen for illegal purposes and one jar of it can be used to soak at least ten packs of cigarettes.

Another fad drug becoming common in East Texas is called "cheese." It is known as the new heroin. Cheese is a combination of heroin and other narcotics.

Addicts are also coming up with more creative ways to use street drugs. Instead of smoking, injecting, and snorting narcotics, some people are now using enemas to administer the drugs.

That method produces a quicker and longer lasting high.