Kennard School Safety

New additions at one East Texas school are helping to keep students and teachers safe.

Motion cameras have now been installed around the school and on the school buses in Kennard. New doors are also in place that lock from the outside to increase security. Kennard is also drug testing it's student athletes and all other students involved in extra curricular activies. The goal is to make school safety and security a priority.

Kennard ISD officials say they hope the improvements will help clean up the school's reputation.

"We haven't had as many complaints from parents. Hopefully we can continue to get positive reports for our school. In the past we have gotten negative reports for Kennard ISD, but now we seem to be headed in the right direction and we hope this helps a lot," said Kennard ISD Superintendent Gene Glover.

The number of fights in the school has gone down a lot since the new additions, and all of Kennard's student who were tested, tested negative for drugs.