Referral Service Helps People In Need

Cynther Jones cherishes each moment with her daughter Destiny. Cynther says the five year old is,  "Her little miricle." For over a year the child was in state custody. Cynther had to become a better parent to get her back.   Cynther said,  " It started out as a measure to get my child back, but I was so blessed by the parenting classes."

New opportunities began at the Family Network of East Texas. It's a business, but can be as generous as a non profit." Thresa Caldwell owns and operates Family Network. She gives women like Cynther parenting classes. She also knows where to find help in other areas. Caldwell said, " What we try to do is act as a referral source."

Caldwell has 16 years experience as a school social worker and special educationcounselor. She's gone out on her own to help the very poor find the social services the need. " I know the things we have in our community and so what I try to do is match them with those services."

Cynther remembers when she had no idea where to turn.  " I was so devastated. I wouldn't have even thought to even call on this organization, but CPS linked me with this program and its an excellent program.   With the right help a mother and daughter are once again united.

Family Network of East Texas can be reached at 936-560-4365.