Crockett Woman First To Learn About TYC Changes

The Texas Youth Council's board is abolished. A single executive is taking over. One of the first parents to learn the news was Genger Galloway of Crockett. Her son has been in several TYC facilities. In the last month she's repeatedly provided graphic descriptions of abuse before legislative and federal hearings and even on national television. She says her son was raped, molested and beaten.

Galloway returned to Crockett around three Thursday morning after attending hearings that lasted until eleven Wednesday night. She learned about the take over directly from the appointed TYC master, juvenile prison czar, Jay Kimbrough.   " He told me every superintendent, assistant superintendent, every executive and anyone convicted of a felony prior convictions would have to reapply and i was assurred the bad ones would not be hired back," said Galloway.

Galloway was scheduled to meet with her son Thursday. He's currently at the Crockett State School. Galloway say she's looking into another allegation that her son was abused at the West Texas State School where the statewide scandel began.