Teens Arrested for Taking Nude Pictures of a Girl

Police said a Lufkin man used his cell phone to take pornographic pictures of a child. They arrested 18-year-old Alberto Rivera and two juvenile boys and charged them with sexual performance of a child.

Police believe Rivera and the two teenagers gave the 17-year-old girl a Xanax pill, took her clothes off once she passed out from the drug and used a camera phone to take lewd photos of her. The girl called police after someone showed her the pictures.

We've all heard the phrase 'caught on camera', but nowadays many folks are getting 'caught on a camera phone'. And these high-tech gadgets aren't just popular with the younger generation. Camera phones can be used by anyone for just about anything.

Many users take pictures, make mini-movies, and record all kinds of stuff with their phones, but some East Texas retailers said they don't believe people are misusing their phones.

Many cellular phones can also easily connect to the World Wide Web, making it easier for what's being caught on camera to make its way around the world in just a few minutes.