More Lake Funding Restored

Lake Naconiche has been six decades in the making. The project is no stranger to delays caused by governmental red tape, but planners have always recovered. The latest came this week with Judge Joe English's announcement concerning previously frozen federal funding. " They have restored all the funding that they had originally put in place to finish the park project, so that's good news for the county," said the judge.

Following a lot of calls to Washington the announcement came that two million dollars to build a park is returning. The Naconiche Parks Board is ready to roll. It will soon find out from a design firm if two million will be enough. English has been keeping in close contact with board members. " They told me what buildings they wanted and they know where the ramps gonna be, the boat ramp and the fishing piers and so at this point now they were pretty much gonna tell us what the program was gonna cost."

Just two weeks ago funding to plant the completed dam was restored. Last week commissioners let a bid for $69,000.  The 42 acre dam site will be planted with permanent grasses beginning next week. The contractor will be on a strict timeline to take advantage of the spring growing season. English isn't taking any chances.  " We're gonna hurry up at this point now and make sure that we spend that money before they change their mind again. And so I think you'll see us working very fast to try to get the lake finished."

Lake Naconiche is 95 percent complete.   Barring any more delays the 'flood control project should begin holding water next March.