Hancock Fabrics Closing

Linda Pederson has been sewing since she was a child. So when she found out Hancock Fabrics in Lufkin was closing, she was shocked.

"I'm a regular Hancock patron and I'm very upset that the store is closing," said Linda Pedersen.

According to their website, Hancock Fabrics has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and is closing several stores nationwide. For regular customers, the only good thing about the closing is the sales.

"It's sad that it's closing and everything but I'm trying to furnish an apartment right now and everything so I'm going to go look for some good deals and some fabric to cover some furniture," said Betsy Dupuis

Store employees declined to comment on the closing, but some customers believe it's just that not as many people sew as they used to.

"There's not really a market for fabric for a woman's clothing anymore. That many don't do it. They just don't sew for themselves," Pedersen added.

But for East Texans who do still sew, the closing of the Lufkin Hancock Fabrics is a huge loss.