Love for Lexie

Lexie Nichols is full of energy and full of life.  Besides the loss of her hair, you would never know the little girl has gone through a lot of poking, prodding and pain.

Leslie Nichols, her mother, said, "She withstands it like a little trooper."

Back in December, the Nichols family received the news.

Nichols said, "In the matter of 48-hours we went to the doctor, had blood work, went to Houston, had a bone marrow aspiration, and she was diagnosed with acute Leukemia.  It is the most common childhood Leukemia.  It has an 85% to 95% cure rate.  We're convinced with our faith in God's hands that she is going to be cured."

Lexie will celebrate her third birthday next month. She helps you remember the little things that are important in life. For her, it's her horses, her okra and ketchup, and her family.

Terry Nichols, her father, said, "It puts everything in perspective."

The energetic little one, has taught everyone in this family something.  And, don't get in the way of this cow girl, she has big things coming her way.

The Nicols' family is living in the moment, realizing you never know when a life can get turned upside down.