Young Talented Golfer Qualifies for Regionals

She's talented, she's a natural, and well, she works hard.  Hannah Arnold, a freshman golfer, is chipping away at her score.

She said, "I haven't been playing my best until now.  I'll peak when I'm about a senior or so, I think I can kind of expect a little more if I play better.  This is fine, I'm only a freshman and I have three more years to practice."

She may be barely a 100 lbs., but the small framed golfer can drive the ball 270 yards.

"Golf is basically all about one motion with your hips and your legs, and it's not all about how strong you are, it's about how you can get your swing in sink," Hannah said.

Whether it is her short game or long game, there is no doubt Hannah can compete with the guys.

Danny Leatherman, her coach, said, "We have some of the boys that don't like to play with her."

With her dedication and commitment, Hannah has a bright future ahead.  If you ever want to find her, well, she is probably on the green.

For now, Hannah's main goal is having fun, but she says there is no point in playing, if you are not out to win.