TYC Release

Vicky Olson's wait was tense as she waited for her grandson's release from the Crockett State School, and with good reason.

"The child was beaten by a security guard. He was chaffed. He had his whole shoulder all black and blue and his face, the cheek bone and down the side of his face was all red," Olson said.

But during the wait, she still remained optimistic while other parents'children were released. Olson said her metally disabled grandson was also called derogatory names by guards and sexually assualted by another student. She says each time she filed a complaint, the Texas Youth Commission claimed the allegations were inconclusive. But after 9 months, the emotional moment she'd been waiting for finally came.

"I was in shock and estactic. I couldn't believe it. I felt like questioning myself, because he wasn't due according to them to come out until around April or May," Olson said.

Since Ricahrd is mentally challenged, his ability to express what happened to him behind the Crockett State School's chain linked fence limited, but he still has advocates fighting for him and other students statewide.The main advocate is Ginger Galloway. Now these excited parents tell us they know justice is finally starting to prevail.