Alligator Hunting

Alligator warning signs are posted all around Kurth Lake. But aside from birds chirping and a couple of rodents swimming in the water, everything seems quiet and serene. After receiving several phone calls from east Texans with questions about alligator hunting, game warden Tim Walker meet with us to explain the rules.

"They're very thrilled about the opportunity, but they've got to make sure they know the rules and regulations before they go out and take an alligator, because you just can't go out and kill an alligator and be legal," Walker told us.

It is now alligator season in only two East Texas counties: Cherokee and Houston. Alligator season doesn't start in Angelina, Nacogdoches, Jasper, St. Augustine, or Trinity Counties until September 10th. You need a valid resident or non-resident hunting license, and firearms can only be used to hunt alligators on private property with the property owner's consent. Officials say they haven't had a huge problem with people trying to hunt alligators at Kurth Lake, but they warn that there are legal ramifications if you're caught doing so.

"They could face a Class A misdemeanor. Possibly, it could be a state jail felony," said Walker.

People are welcome to hunt alligators in places like Kurth Lake, but only during alligator season, and only if they follow the rules.