Easter Rabbit Ladies

by Josh Ault

You never know when you will run into the Easter Bunny. . .today I ran into two!

Cheryl Lee and Helen Hector of Lufkin decided to spread Easter job by dressing up as Easter bunnies.  Lee said, "We just want to make children happy, to make them smile."

I ran into both of  them at the First Christian Church in Lufkin.  They were looking for children.  I asked if I could ride along, and document their adventure.

We ended up at the Kiwanis Park in Lufkin.  Since the weather was cold, there were only a few children there.  The kids that were there enjoyed their visit.

Helen was not as thrilled as Cheryl to dress up.  Helen said, "I was helping a friend out."  Helen says she loved seeing the smiles on the children's faces.

Cheryl says she hopes to be dressing up, as the Easter Rabbit, for years to come.  She says, "You never know what I will be in."

Both ladies work at the Loves Truck Stop off the loop, and do house cleaning on the side.