Pet Rabbits

by Josh Ault

When you think of Easter, you usually think of rabbits.  One tradition for many East Texans is getting a rabbit for a pet.

Before you buy a rabbit, there are a few things you should consider.


Miriam Mumm of Nacogdoches has several rabbits.  She says, "They (people who buy rabbits) need to realize that it is a responsibility, and if their not prepared for their children to take care of them, they probably should not get one."


Alice Tanez, the owner of Hometown Pets in Lufkin, said, "You got their bedding and stuff. . . food, it's not that expensive."  The cost of a rabbit can vary, but you have to consider buying the cage, food, and care supplies.


Rabbits can live for a very long time.  Jordan Mumm of Nacogdoches gave the facts, "females live to be six to eight (years), males ten and up."

If you are interested in making a rabbit a part of your family you can contact the following places:

Hometown Pets in Lufkin: 936-637-FISH or Roselake Ranch in Nacogdoches: 936-559-8222