DNA Exoneration

A judge in Dallas today ruled that a man who spent ten years in prison for a gang rape he denies committing -- should have his record cleared.

The ruling in the case of 53-year-old James Curtis Giles now goes to an appeals court.  That approval would make Giles -- who's black -- the 13th Dallas County convict to be exonerated since 2001 with the help of D-N-A evidence.

Giles, who's living in Lufkin, has been a registered sex offender since his release from prison more than one decade ago.

A man who pleaded guilty to the 1982 gang rape implicated two others -- including one named James Giles. Police eventually arrested James -Curtis- Giles.  But his attorney says Giles lived 25 miles from the crime scene, didn't match the description of the attacker -- and had an alibi.

Investigators ignored another man with a similar name: James-Earl- Giles. That Giles lived across from the victim. James Earl Giles died in prison in 2000 while serving time for robbery and assault.