Move It by Walking

Walking is the easiest way to exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime. In addition to burning calories, walking will boost your energy, reduce stress, help you sleep better, and control your appetite.

Move It Motivater, Katelynn Marshall knows the importance of limbering up before stepping out. " Because if I don't, my muscles will get all tight and I can't walk properly. So, here are some of my warm up tips."

The first one is 10,9,8. For 10,9,8 you'll have to do 10 jumping jacks, you'll have to do 10 leg jacks. Then you have to do bunny hops and then criss crosses."

Katelynn also recommends, " Exercise your dog. You'll have a great companion and you'll both get good exercise." Walking in the neighborhood can be fun. Walk that block one more time or just walk upt he street to see a neighbor. Try to get as much physical activity into your schedule as you can. You should aim for thirty minutes five days a week.

And don't forget. You need to drink plenty of water. So you know the benefits of walking, so move it. Step out and go walking," says Katelynn.

Move It Monday is brought to you by Memorial Health System of East Texas.