Cooking for Your Pets

In his 12 years as a veterinarian, Ronald Lott has never seen a pet food recall as big as the recent one. And with so many pet owners still nervous about buying pet food in stores, many are beginning to make their own.

"There are many organic diets out there that people can find the recipes to be able to a cook a balanced diet for their pets and cook at home," Lott said.

Many people feed their pets the same foods they eat. But veterinarians know that can be just as dangerous as any recalled pet food.

"A pet's GI tract is not adapted to the spice and fat content that we as Americans typically ingest in our diets, and something as simple as a strip of bacon can be fatal for a small dog," added Lott.

Experts tell us it's okay to feed your pets some types of human food. Healthy choices like oatmeal, boiled rice, boiled chicken and boiled lean beef are usually fine. For cats, boiled chicken, tuna, fish and low fat cottage cheese can work well. But even though these foods can be healthy alternatives for pets, serving them can still be risky.

"If we start preparing our own diets for the pets and create a nutritional deficiency, that can certainly lead to poor health, and in the worst case scenario, could actually be a fatal problem for the long term." Lott said.

Despite the recent recalls, experts say you should not be afraid of buying pet food. The pet food you find in stores is still usually the safest option when feeding your animals.