Lufkin Police Report - 04/10/07

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING:  100 Block of East Burke.  Cash was stolen from a register at a business Monday afternoon.  Employees heard the bell ring as if someone came in the store but when they went to the front no one was in the store but the register was open and some cash was missing.  

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  100 Block of Ward St.  A 42" Sony plasma television, a stereo and a Blackberry cell phone were stolen in a residential burglary Monday afternoon.

ASSAULT:  2406 East Denman Ave.  A woman reported that the father of her child had thrown her and the child to the ground during an argument Monday afternoon.  The woman had a small red mark on her neck.  She didn't know if the child was injured because the suspect took the child and left in a vehicle before police were called.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  3500 Block of South First.  A man reported that someone dented his car by unknown means Monday afternoon.  The man found a dent in his driver's side door and one near the trunk.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  3400 Block of Edwards.  A man reported that his ex-girlfriend broke his car windshield with a beer bottle on Saturday.  The man didn't report it initially but when his car was scratched down the side with a sharp object since the Saturday, he filed the report because he thought she also was responsible for the scratch.

BURGLARY:  300 Block of Chestnut.  A car window was broken out Monday and the stereo removed from the dash but left on the floor of the car.  No suspects.

ASSAULT:  1500 Block of Wildbriar.  A man reported that he was assaulted by his mother who hit him with a broomstick as he fought with his brother.  The injury required stitches and the victim now wants to file charges on his mother.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  300 Block of Forest Park Blvd.  A man reported that a friend stole his checkbook while the two rode together in the victim's car.  The victim later found that the suspect forged six of the checks.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  Frank St.  A man reported that he was assaulted in mid-March by two men and that his jaw was broken.  The victim reported that the two men were in a car that hit his car and fled the scene.  The victim said he chased them down and the two men beat and kicked him when he caught them.  The victim initially did not want to file charges but wants to now since  his injuries required surgery.