Scanning Driver's Licenses

Some East Texas shoppers have noticed sales associates at retail stores swiping the back of their driver's license when they buy alcohol, cigarettes or over the counter medicine. Now some are wondering why it's being done.

"A lot of people worry about if they're getting maybe their criminal history information or driving record information. They are not. All it's doing when they scan that driver license is just getting their name address and date of birth," said DPS Senior Trooper Greg Sanches

Managers at the Lufkin Walmart did not want to talk about their reasons for scanning licenses. But officials from Walmart's corporate offices tell us it's just an easier way to make sure only customers who are old enough can buy age restricted products. Authorities tell us it's also a good way for retailers to prevent scams.

"If somebody has a driver's license that is fraudulent, that is not the real thing, then they'll be able to identify that and someone will not be able to purchase what they're trying to buy at that time," added Sanches.

"I feel it's feel for everyone and people in the community. I feel it'll help in case someone is trying to run a fast one on people," Walmart shopper Larry Wolfford told us.

"I think there's obviously been a lot of abuse of drugs and also alcohol. So I think that this is just a way of kind of keeping control over that. So I think it's a very good idea," said East Texas shopper Shelly Powell.

Authorities and retailers say as long as customers are old enough to purchase the products they are buying, they have nothing to worry about.