Lufkin Police Report - 04/12/07

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 700 Block of Raguet.  A man tried to cash a stolen, forged check Wednesday evening.  The clerk had been alerted that a local business had some checks stolen.  The suspect was described as a white man with a mustache wearing a blue shirt.  The suspect fled when the clerk called police.

ASSAULT:  ABNEY.  A man was treated at a hospital for a head injury Wednesday after being assaulted by two strangers.  The man said his car broke down on Abney near Culverhouse.  The victim said two men he didn't know walked up and beat him.  He thinks one had a bat and one hit him with a rock.

THEFT:  1100 Block of North First St.  A portable generator was stolen from outside a residence Wednesday evening.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS:  300 Block of Keys.  A known suspect was seen on the victim's property after having been previously warned of trespassing at that location.  Charges pending.

ASSAULT:  800 Block of Cottonbelt St.  A woman reported that a male acquaintance hit her in the neck and face after accusing her of stealing some drug paraphernalia from him.  The victim had a small cut to her lip

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  2500 Block of West Frank.  A woman reported that several of her checks had been stolen and forged.  The woman suspects her former roommate.

THEFT:  4600 Block of Medford.  Three women stole two necklaces and a pair of earrings from a store in the mall.  The women were seen with the merchandise in the parking lot after a store clerk noted suspicious activity in the store.  The suspects fled when they saw security watching them.

BURGLARY:  1200 Block of First St.  A stereo, several CD's and two video game CD's were stolen from a vehicle Tuesday night.

THEFT:  800 Block of Chestnut.  A number of home furnishings and a television and possibly some blank checks were reported stolen from a residence.

BURGLARY:  500 Block of Sellers.  A business was broken into Tuesday night but nothing was noted missing at the time of the report.