Job Training Program Opens Doors

Sirenta Reeves reads her graduation speech about the woman she used to be.    "My little circle of life was at a standstill and I was at a point in my life when all the doors came closed," is what she recalls.

Sirenta's life began to change for the better when a brochure caught her eye while she was applying for another minimum wage job. It talked of job training and new opportunities. She took a big step through the doors of the Christian Women's Job Corps.

Today Sirenta knows, " You know you can strive for more, but you're afraid to sometime." She met six women feeling the same way. They learned to give each other strength. Today they're called the Magnificent Seven. The graduates of '07, the seventh graduating class from the Christian Women's Job Corps. Sirenta looks toward the friends she calls "angels" and said,  " Each one of the women in this group is capable of doing so much. I don't know if they know their own capabilities, but they're just wonderful women."

They studied, shared and cried together. One woman in the group is tearing up over Sirenta's testimony. Sirenta laughs, " That happens every day!"

They renewed faith. Sirenta, a mother of two children, one autistic shared, " I lost my faith and now it's just been restored." With confidence that shines through. Sirenta who got a job offer that day said,  " Yes, I do feel good. I never had a lot of confidence. It feels good to have the confidence that I have now." A sense of security that molds a key to so many opportunities. Sirenta knows the 'Magnificent Seven' will stay together. " It's a group. It's like all of us made that key to unlock that door."

Women helping women. Once again the Christian Women's Job Corps achieves its mission.   Applications are always taken. The office is at 902-D Southeast Stallings Drive in Nacogdoches. They can be reached at 936-564-2952 or