Lumberjack Museum

Trees have long been a familiar part of the East Texas landscape. That's why the Texas Forestry Museum invited families out to learn about forestry traditions.

"Forestry plays such a big role and has always played such a big role in East Texas. So anything we can do to keep that tradition alive with families and children today we think is extremely important," said Texas Forestry Museum official Mackenzie Eason.

One of the main events was the Lumberjack Challenge, where a team of Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks were on hand to show East Texans a traditional log cutting technique. Members of the audience were also allowed to test their lumberjack skills.

"We've got a team up here from SFA, the Silvans, that's teaching kids how to actually crosscut, which actually how they used to harvest logs out in the forest. Now we're lucky enough to have some machinery, but we're trying to keep that tradition alive today," said Eason.

There were also several other educational displays, like ones teaching about pine tree aging. Those who attended say they had a good time and learned a lot about the forestry traditions that have been a part of East Texas for so many generations.