Nacogdoches Police Report - 04/16/07

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 4600 Block of North Street. Ipod stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 500 Block of Tangleberry. Witness observed a black male suspect breaking a window on a vehicle. The witness notified an off duty state trooper who lives nearby. The suspect fled on the officer's approach.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 500 Block of Tangleberry. Two unlocked vehicles had purses and Ipods stolen from them purses were recovered nearby missing money.

THEFT: 500 Block of Tangleberry. A bicycle was stolen during the night.

THEFT: 1000 Block of West Seale. Complainant reported that his immigration card was stolen.

DWLI: 2500 Block of South Street. Gerardo Reyes was contacted on a traffic stop and found that his license was suspended. He also had outstanding warrants. He was arrested.

HIT AND RUN: 1000 Block of Cottonwood. An unknown driver struck a tree with a vehicle and fled the scene on foot.

HIT AND RUN: 3600 Block of Southeast Stallings Drive. Unknown suspect ran into the back of complainant's vehicle and left the scene.

ASSAULT: 1700 Block of Castleberry. A 15 year old and a father were involved in a disturbance and physical altercation. The son was taken to a relative's for the night.

DOG BITE: 1600 Block of Redbud. Complainant's poodle bit her on the hand.

FOUND PROPERTY: 1200 Block of North Street. Citizen found a bag of suspected Marijuana. Officers were called and the item was taken into custody.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 3400 Block of South Street. Complainant reported two tires being cut on a vehicle.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF-TERRORISTIC THREAT: 1500 Block of Douglass Road. Suspect threatened another by waving a baseball bat around. The suspect then went to the breaker box and turned off the electricity to the victim's home. Celis Veneges was arrested.

ASSAULT: Park Street. Victim was at a party when a fight broke out. An unknown suspect struck the victim in the face causing a laceration.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 1700 BLOCK oF SW STALLINGS DRIVE. Suspects were stopped on a traffic violation. Officers located approximately 54.5 (fifty four and a half) pounds of suspected marijuana in the trunk. Derek Simmons and Davie Moss were arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 1700 Block of East Main. Suspect stopped due to suspicious activity. 24 cigars containing suspected marijuana were located in the front seat. Elliot Gaskin was arrested.

RESISTING ARREST-FAIL TO IDENTIFY: 4800 Block of North Street. Two females got into an argument. One assaulted the other, and resisted when officers attempted to arrest her. She also refused to give officers her name. Marcicela Venegas was arrested.

INTERFERENCE WITH AN EMERGENCY CALL: 1000 Block of Douglass Road. Victim attempted to call 911 during a disturbance. The suspect pulled the telephone lines out of the wall. Jose Mendoza was arrested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 600 Block of South Church. The suspect scratched complainant's vehicle with a key. Kendra Stokes was arrested.

PUBLIC I NTOXICATION-EVADING ARREST: 1300 Block of West Main. Suspect was observed staggering down the middle of the roadway. Upon officers approach, the suspect attempted to flee. Troy Ainsworth was arrested.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT-RESISTING ARREST-INTERFERRING: 300 BLOCK OF WEST MAIN. Suspects were observed fighting in the intersection of Main and Pearl. Officers attempted to arrest one of the suspects, Joey Landers, and he resisted officers. One of his friends, Aalberto Martin, interferred with the arrest and he was arrested also.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 300 Block of West College. Unknown suspects broke out complainant's tail light.

HIT AND RUN: 1200 Block of West Main. Unknown type gold vehicle struck a utility pole and left the scene.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4500 Block of Forest Ridge. Complainant reported that unknown persons scratched her minivan over night.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 4810 North Street (Wal Mart). Complainant created a disturbance in the hair salon of wal mart, dissatisfied with her new hair style. Complainant returned a half hour later and reported that she had been cut by an unknown suspect on the parking lot. Exact location or description of suspect is unclear. Complainant had a very minor cut on her upper thigh.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 3700 Block of Bluff Oak. Complainant reported a 2000 red Chevrolet Monte Carlo stolen.

THEFT: 1000 North University (Chevron). Unknown suspect stole $67.00 in gasoline.

THEFT: 1420 North University (HEB). A known suspect took eight new pallets from the rear of the store. Warrant requested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE-DWLI: 600 Block of South University Drive. Officer stopped vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver, Louisa Grandt was found to have a revoked ID card.  Incident to arrest, a rock of suspected crack cocaine was located.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 1500 Block of Powers. Officer stopped vehicle for a traffic violation. Officers smelled the odor of burned marijuana. A passenger, Bryan Benson, was found in possession of suspected marijuana.

HARASSMENT: 4500 Block of North University. A known suspect continues to harrass and threaten the complainant. Warrant requested.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 900 Block of Summitt. During a disturbance, a 12 year old female threatened her 14 year old sister with a knife.

ASSAULT: 1300 Block of Pruitt Hill. During a disturbance, the complainant was kicked several times and burned with a cigarette by his girlfriend. Samantha Blanton was arrested.