Virginia Tech Alumnus At SFA

A math professor at SFA is among those paying close attention to news about the shootings at Virginia Tech where gunfire left 33 dead. Dr. Lesa Beverly graduated from Virginia Tech.

Before arriving to teach in Nacogdoches back in 2000, she spent six years at Virginia Tech. The math professor has many faculty friends and family members in Blacksburg, Virginia. She now anxiously waits to hear from them.

"I have tried not to contact anyone because I know that they're in turmoil right now. All the classes have been canceled. Most of my friends there are faculty in the math department, and I would imagine they're just rushing home to be with their families."

Dr. Beverly says the math department is directly connected to the hall where most of the shootings happened. She calls her alma mater a lovely school, and she's confident this tragedy will not destroy its appeal.