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7 On Your Side:East Texan Gets Collections Bill Resolved

"For them to leave it on my credit report. I don't believe that's right," says Franklin Howell.

He's talking about this account noted in the collections section of his credit report.

It was for a car insurance policy he purchased with Progressive back in 2005. A policy he paid for in full, so he didn't have to worry about monthly statements.

"[I] paid them the full amount and I thought I was finished," says Frank.

But he wasn't because he kept getting a monthly bill.

So Franklin called Progressive who said, "'We're sorry Mr. Howell we seem to mistakenly have put you on a monthly billing plan. But we'll get it fixed and taken care of, don't worry about sending us payment at this time.'"

So he didn't and the bill got sent to collections! Franklin paid the $67 bill, hoping the situation would just go away. But it clearly didn't after seeing it on his credit report.  And that's when Franklin called 7 On Your Side.

"I feel that's probably the only way to get them to look at the case," says Franklin.

We contacted Progressive on Franklin's behalf and faxed them copies of paperwork, showing he never owed the monthly bills in the first place.

Progressive immediately took action, researching the account. The company, who says it prides itself on making car insurance a simple process for customers, said this time they "fell short."

Progressive is not only removing the negative account from his credit report. They also agreed to reimburse Franklin's $67.

"[The collections account] doesn't affect [the big companies]. But it does affect the smaller person. It brings down your credit score significantly," says Frank.

Progressive says it also called Frank to apologize. With the situation falling in his favor it's safe to say "apology accepted."

Franklin knew about the bill on his credit report only after signing up for a service that allows him to check it periodically online. One of the advantages of checking your credit report at least once a year.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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