A.C. Takes a Look at its Safety Measures

Angelina College does not have as many students as a major university, but there is around the clock security on campus and an additional guard just for the dormitory.

A.C. President Larry Phillips said, "All schools and colleges have difficulty because campuses are open. Commuters come and go but we do have, in each of our buildings, an administrative office, a secretary - somebody that should be aware of anyone that's suspicious or dangerous in the building."

Both guards carry a two-way radio, cell phone and pager to communicate with each other in an emergency, but contact is not limited to on-campus security. A.C. officials use all their resources to keep members of their student body, faculty, and staff safe.

Steve Capps, A.C. Physical Plant Director, said, "We call [the Lufkin Police Department] and L.P.D. has given us a very quick response when we call them. They're here within minutes."

Only about a hundred students live in the dorm at Angelina College. Visitors do not have to check in with anyone, but school administrators report very few security-related incidents each year.

"We do have curfew hours and our security guards enforce those curfew hours," said Capps. "We have a live-in dorm manager."

And dorm life is not where the security measures end. A.C. Officials said their students are in good hands the moment they walk on campus and throughout the day while they're in class.

Common sense is also an important part of the college's safety plan. Students are constantly being told to watch their surroundings, lock the doors to their room and vehicles, and travel with a partner - smart tips to follow both on and off campus.