Bikers Honor Fallen Soldier

Outside the Cochran Funeral Home, motorcycles decorated with American flags surround the building during the funeral of an East Texas soldier. These motorcycles belong to members of the Patriot Guard, the American Legion, and the San Jancito Highrollers. Three groups dedicated to honoring the memory of American soldiers killed in battle.

"It's just all about the vet and the family of the vet. We're just here to give them support. We don't interfere in the funeral. If they want to talk to us, we're for them, we're there also to keep people who are not for them away from them," said Patriot Guard rider Kent Clifton.

The riders represent different groups, but they all come together for the same purpose.

"We're all brothers in arms. We all have one purpose here, and that is respect. It has nothing to do with colors and patches and who you ride with. We all ride for one purpose and that's respect." American Legion rider Chuck Baxley told us.

The riders know everyone doesn't agree with the politics of the war, but they believe the most important thing is honoring those who've sacrificed their lives for our country.

"It doesn't matter if they believe in the war. It's just that we believe in Americans. We believe in America," San Jacinto Highroller Sarge Holse said.