Around East Texas

Marijuana Discovered

When Lufkin police officers responded to an accident at the intersection of Kurth Drive and Minnie Lou street on Tuesday, they expected to see wrecked vehicles and they did, what they didn't expect to find was a bag of marijuana and a large sum of cash. A car was hit by an oncoming truck in Lufkin while turning onto Minnie Lou. When officers approached the car they said they noticed the driver "acting suspicious." Investigators tell us an arrest will likely be made once the driver is released from the hospital.

Soldiers Remembered

East Texans gathered to remember an East Texas soldier killed in action. Tuesday, dozens of friends and family members gathered for 22 year old Rodney McCandless' funeral in Livingston. McCandless was killed during combat in Iraq on Easter Sunday. His uncle, Joe McCandless remembers his nephew as a brave young man. "He was courageous. He was brave. He wasn't scared of anything. He wouldn't back down form a fight. He loved what he did. He did it for his country and he didn't mind." As one might imagine, his mother, Rhonda McCandless is taking the loss of her son very hard. She says it's tough to let go. "I just want, I just want God to bring him back to me. It's not fair. It's not fair." And, another East Texas family is remembering a solider, they say, had a personality that would light up a room. Army Specialist Ryan Alan Bishop of Tyler died Satuday just south of Baghdad. He was on foot patrol when he was hit by a roadside explosive. His wife, Melanie, says the family was supportive of Ryan's decision to join the amry from the start, but knew the dangers he would face serving his country. She still says she will miss her husband and best friend.

Red Light Camera Back

A couple of weeks ago, one of the new red light cameras in Longview was knocked down by a driver backing out of a parking space. The camera, located at Spur 63 and Marshall Avenue, is now back up. Crews have put concrete pillars around the camera's pole to protect it.

East Texas College Students Mourn

East Texas college campuses are reaching out to remember those affected by the Virginia Tech shootings. The Stewart Blood Center is holding a blood drive at T-J-C in Tyler and is taking blood donations at its regular centers for anyone wanting to donate. Before the Virgnia Tech shooting, the shootings at the University of Texas at Austin in 1966 was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. 16 people were killed after a student went up the campus tower and began shooting. A Tyler man is reflecting o nthe shooting that happened just feet away from him forty years ago. John Trube was in history class when he heard gunshots and saw people getting shot outside the buildings front doors. It's an experience that left John Trube with a lingering quesiton that he says students at Virginia Tech are now faced with. "It's just totally random and bizzare, and that's the thing I remember and is left with me is why them. Why did it happen to can't dwell on it. You've got to deal with that issue as to why you are still alive, and think it through and realize there is some purpose for you and there truly is. There's got to be." For a complete list of memorial and vigils check the KnowMore section of and find the "East Texas Remembers" link.