Pregnancy Crisis Center Debate

The wall of photos Heartbeat Pregnancy Center Executive Director Deanna Still points to tells many different stories. Stories of happy mothers who decided to have their babies after discovering there were other options besides abortion.

"The lawmakers in their statement said pregnancy centers promote childbirth over abortion. Well what's wrong with childbirth? Look at our moms on this wall. Young moms that have babies now and are excited about babies. What's wrong with childbirth?" Still asked.

Some lawmakers want to introduce bills to restrict the medical information given out by pregnancy centers. Others also support the idea.

"They are anti-choice organizations that simply pose as a health center. Their main goal is simply to persuade a woman not to terminate a pregnancy. So yes, we definitely need stricter laws to prevent what they can and cannot tell a woman," said Lufkin Planned Parenthood Director Michelle Green.

Staff members at heartbeat pregnancy tell us they don't try to persuade women not to have abortions. They simply try to provide women with the information they need to make an informed decision instead of an emotional decision.

"When you make emotional decisions you can't change them. When you make an informed decision they can be changed," Still said.

Pregnancy centers are also known to show women ultrasounds of their unborn babies, a practice some believe crosses the line.

"Anytime you try to use such tactics as that, it's not best for the woman," said Green.

"Even though a girl sees an ultrasound, we have still had girls abort their babies. So you can't say that we're misleading them or persuading them into some kind of decision. We're not," Still told us.