Nacogdoches Police Report - 04/19/07

FORGERY: 1000 Block of North University Drive. Two known suspects passed a counterfeit travelers check.

ASSAULT- INTERFERENCE WITH AN EMERGENCY PHONE CALL: 3400 Block of East Main. A known suspect assaulted his girlfriend and prevented her from calling 911. No injuries reported. Warrant requested.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 1300 Block of South Street. Complainant earlier reported the theft of a credit card. The card has now been used at various locations to make unauthorized purchases.

HARASSMENT: 2900 Block of North Street. Complainant reported that a known suspect continues to call on the telephone after being told not to do so.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 3100 Block of North Pecan Street. Officers responded to a disturbance. A suspect in the disturbance was found to be in possession of suspected marijuana. Deanna Swoboda was arrested.

THEFT: 1200 Block of North Mound. Complainant removed a ring in a public restroom and forgot to retrieve it. When complainant returned, the ring was gone.

IDENTITY THEFT: 400 Block of Pearl. Complainant reported that their identity was used to obtain electric service without authorization.

MISSING PERSON: 3400 Block of East Main. Complainant reported that her boyfriend was missing. He was located in Lufkin and was ok.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 400 Block of Otis Street. During a disturbance, a known suspect threatened the complainant with a knife. Suspect was gone on arrival. A warrant has been requested.

FORGERY: 5100 Block of North Street. A counterfeit $20 bill was recovered after someone attempted to make a purchase with it.

ESCAPE-POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 600 Block of East Pilar. Officer contacted the suspect as a suspicious vehicle in the park. Officer detected the odor of burnt marijuana. Officer located a quantity of suspected marijuana in the vehicle. The suspect was handcuffed. Prior to being placed in the patrol car, the suspect fled on foot. He was captured after a short chase. Ethan Houff was arrested.