Around East Texas

Mistaken Identity

A case of mistaken identity is being set straight. After spending ten years in a federal prison, a Texas man is expected to get a pardon from Governor Rick Perry. 53-year old James Giles was convicted of gang raping a pregnant woman in Dallas back in 1982. He was put on parole ten years later and has been living as a registered sex offender in Lufkin ever since. Authorities now believe D-N-A evidence links another man with the same name to the crime. Giles' conviction was overturned. He is the 14th person from Dallas County to be cleared of a crime by D-N-A testing.

Police Chase

An East Texas man is hospitalized after a dramatic highway chase. Anderson County sheriff's deputies started chasing the man Tuesday outside of Palestine. Officials say 50-year old Lonnie Lankford was believed to be intoxicated during the chase. He allegedly led officers for about a mile and a half before crashing. Lankford's condition is not know at this time. The incident is under investigation.

Kidnapping and Assault

A Tyler woman is thrown into the trunk of her car and later sexually assaulted. Now the man responsible is off the streets. Police say around 5:30 Thursday morning, 24 year old Nathaniel Howard III approached the woman while she was getting to work on West Gentry in Tyler. Howard then allegedly tied her hands, stabbed her in the back and put her in the truck of her own car. They ended up on an isolated road near Interstate-20 and Highway-110, where the alleged sexual assault happened. The victim, who police say works with Howard, was able to drive back home and call for help. Police say she did all she could to get away.

Sexual Assault Witness

A material witness is detained in the murder case of a four year old East Texas boy. Joey Zhang-Liu was found dead Sunday in Carthage. Police say he had been sexually assaulted. Jose Monreal Garcia is being held as a witness in the case. He has a prior arrest related to illegal immigration charges. Garcia worked and lived with the boy's family. Investigators say if he is released, they are afraid he's leave. Rogerio Chaves Garcia is charged with the boy's murder.

Abandoned Home Fire

Fire officials suspect arson destroyed an abandoned home in Smith County. It happened in the 54-hundred block of Lavender road. Firefighters responded to the scene shortly after five Thursday morning. Officials say it took six fire departments about three hours to bring the blaze under control. According to authorities, the home had been abandoned since last year.

Doctor Charged

Bail is denied for an East Texas doctor accused of possession crack, cocaine and pills. Longview police arrested Dr. Steve White at the Majestic Inn on Marshall Avenue. Investigators say White was an orthopedic surgeon, contracting out to Good Shepherd hospital, but not since early 2006. His medical license has been suspended.

Virginia Tech Tribute

A gesture from an East Texas University Thursday to show Virginia Tech they are thinking about them. S-F-A students formed a human Virginia Tech logo on their football field. An overhead photo of the logo will be sent to Virginia Tech with an official letter of condolence. People around the nation are encouraged to wear Virginia Tech colors, maroon and orange, to honor those victims.

Gasoline Prices

Don't expect gasoline to come down in the next few weeks, despite crude oil prices settling. Experts say we'll all be paying a lot to fill up through the summer. Refinery problems across the world have kept gasoline prices far above where the price of crude oil would dictate. Some refineries damaged by fire and storms are coming online, but experts say don't expect it to help, not since we're heading toward warmer weather. Could we see three dollars a gallon for regular unleaded? Experts say it could happen very quickly if there are refinery problems, instability in oil-producing regions, or hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.