Lufkin Police Report - 04/20/07

BURGLARY:  700 Block of Hosea Dolphus Sr.  A woman interrupted a burglar in her home Thursday night.  The woman arrived home just after 10p.m. and noticed that a car was in her garage and her front door was open.  A man ran out of her house and asked for a ride because the police were after him.  The suspect left the scene prior to police being called but the woman learned from a friend who the suspect is.

BURGLARY:  800 Block of North Second.  Residential burglary and burglary of a vehicle were reported.  The victim was remodeling a house, working in the back of the house.  She had left her keys in the living room with the front door open.  Someone took her keys, used them to enter her car, and stole her purse sometime Thursday evening.

INCIDENT/INFORMATION:  400 Block of East Laurel.  A woman reported that her neighbor's door came open and three metal chairs fell out of their mobile home and hit the woman's car parked next to it. The chairs caused a small scratch to the car.  The neighbors weren't home at the time and their door appeared to have come open accidentally.

BURGLARY OF  A BUILDING:  1300 Block of North John Redditt.  Several vehicles and a mobile home were broken into at a towing company storage lot between Monday and Thursday.  Car stereos and some miscellaneous tools were stolen from the vehicles and a set of tires and wheels was stolen from one car.  A mobile home on the property was broken into and rummaged through but nothing was reported stolen from the residence.

FORGERY/ COUNTERFEITING:  400 Block of Chestnut.  A driver presented a fake insurance card to an officer at an accident scene on March 02.  When the other driver tried to make an insurance claim, it was learned that the suspect had no insurance and had presented a fake insurance card.  A warrant has been requested.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  3200 Block of Daniel Mccall.  A woman reported that she was awakened around 10:20pm Thursday night by the sound of her ex-boyfriend kicking her front door in.  The woman reported that they argued, he shoved her to the floor and left.  The woman took her child to her car to leave and the suspect, who is the child's father, came back and took the child from her car and left again. The woman had a minor abrasion on her leg.

BURGLARY OF  A HABITATION:  1300 Block of Voyle St.  A man reported that his home was broken into sometime Wednesday night.  A DVD player and a mandolin were stolen.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  1200 Block of Keltys.  A man reported that his car was stolen sometime within the past two weeks.  The car bad been involved in a hit and run accident in Lufkin on Wednesday and was impounded at that time.  The owner said he was out of town for the past two weeks and listed no suspects.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  3300 Block of Lotus.  A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend let the air out of one of her car tires early Wednesday morning.  The woman reported that the man called around 6am and woke her up to tell her he did it.

BURGLARY:  100 Block of Oakwood:  The passenger door and taillights of a car were damaged early Wednesday morning.  The owner heard the car alarm go off around 6a.m. and found both taillights broken and the door damaged as if someone had tried to break into the car.  The unknown suspect(s) also scratched "ha ha" into the hood of the car.

ASSAULT:   3500 North John Redditt.  A woman reported that she was assaulted by her boyfriend around 4a.m. Thursday morning.  The woman reported that boyfriend was angry with her for being out so late and hit and kicked her in the face.  The suspect then slashed all four of her tires before leaving.  The victim had no visible injuries.