Winston Pool Closing

For more than six decades, East Texans have enjoyed the Winston Park Pool in Lufkin.

But now, a new, more modern pool is opening at the Lufkin boys and girls club. So the Winston Park Pool is closing for good.

"We have an agreement with them to use their pool for public swim time and the plan was for us to close our pool once that was in place," Lufkin Director of Parks and Recreation Don Hannabas said.

James Baker is one of the construction workers building the new swimming pool at the Lufkin Boys and Girls Club.

Baker grew up in Lufkin, and remembers visiting the Winston Park Pool as a child.

"I don't swim too well, but I have been over there a few times," Baker said with a bashful grin.

He knows many East Texans will miss the historic Winston Park Pool, but knows they have a lot more to look forward to.

The new pool will include eight lanes for racing, electronic starting blocks, and an electronic scoreboard. The new pool is also indoors, and will be open year round.

"I think it's great! It's an asset for all of Lufkin," Baker said.

The new boys and girls club pool will open on May 1st.

And many people can't wait to dive in. But as for Baker...

"I'm thinking about it. You know, they have 8 feet in there, but I'm probably going to have to stay down in the 4 feet. That's about my speed right there," Baker laughed.