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Freedom Fighters: Waymon Stewart

Everything seemed to be happening in Waymon Stewart's life at the same time in July of 2005. He was retiring from the Army Reserves after 31 years and he was stepping into the top job as CEO at Andrews Center after 27 years working there. An order calling him to active duty in Iraq changed all that.

Stewart at first wondered why this was in God's plan for his life at this time but soon found that his mission in Iraq was both military and religious. Stewart's experience as Associate Pastor of the Whitehouse Church Of Christ In God helped him to counsel the young soldiers under his command. He prayed with them and for them.

Stewart spent a year in Iraq and returned home to his waiting job as CEO at Andrews Center and to his family.

His most lasting memories of that year are iraqi children waving from roadsides, his soldiers doing their duty and packages from East Texas attesting to American's support.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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