Earth Day Garden

by Josh Ault

Today is the celebration of Earth Day.  It is a time to reflect on environmental issues like recycling, global warming, and pollution.  One way you can become more Earth friendly is having a vegetable garden.

Harold Hill, of Nacogdoches, has had a garden every year for the past thirty years.  He said, "I just like to grow things." His wife, Linda, said this about their garden, "I enjoy it for the fresh food.  I like fresh vegetables."

To help celebrate Earth Day, Harold agreed to share some great tips on making the perfect garden.

First, make sure the soil is good.  He said, "Most plants will grow if the soil is good."

Second, you need to till your soil. "I till it 3 or 4 times in different directions to make sure there are no hard places," he said.

Third, make sure you plant your garden in direct sunlight.  Harold said, "They won't grow in the shade."

Finally, don't forget to water!

Linda said, "There is nothing like fresh food."  Harold added, "The benefits of the garden are on the table."

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