Demolition of Dorms Will Wait

SFA regent Fred Wulf's six year term came to an end Tuesday and he lost his last motion. Wulf proposed to fast track the construction of more modern housing. Tear down the old this summer, and make way for the new even if there are a lot of unanswered questions.

Vice President of University Affairs Steve Westbrook told the board, " The question that I just can't answer now is the cost of doing the project." So bond money isn't secured. Not to mention what to do with over 400 students planning to live in the old dorms this fall. Wulf contends all that will fall into place. In the meantime SFA has something to attract more students.   Wulf said to regents,  " It's been done before. We did it twice." Promptly regent Richard Boyer said, " I just don't think it's responsible for us to go tell the kids that are registering right now that ok the place you are going to live in probably isn't going to be there in the fall, but we don't even have the plan on how we are going pay for it and what it's going to look like when it's gonna go there."

Regent, Joe Max Green heads the Building Committee. Green said the next few months will be spent finding answers to questions. " How do we arrange for the financing? How do we need to get started to get a price? How much money are we talking about and then we can get the ball rolling." It could cost as much as $50,000 dollars per each of the 500 plus beds, based on the cost of Lumberjack Village.

There are no architectural drawings, but there is a concept. The idea is to tear down all the old dorms on the horseshoe and build a similar facility to Lumberjack Village. That way student activity centers and parking can be shared. By one majority vote, cast by regent chair Valerie Ertz,  the more conservative route was chosen.  Ertz said, " We do need to move forward, but we need to also make sure that we take care of our number one priority and that's our students. "Regents will get a plan, a price and then tear down Hall 10, May, North and South Halls. Perhaps in the summer of 2008 or as soon as next spring.