Groveton School Administrators are Tightening Security on Campuses

It's been several months since four Groveton High School boys were charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old student on campus. All five of the teens were disciplined for breaking into the field house after hours.

Since then, several changes have been made to increase security and improve safety within the district. But school administrators said Groveton I.S.D. is a safe place for its students and faculty.

Superintendent Joe Driskell said, "That definitely was an isolated incident. It was unfortunate, but we managed to get through it and [are] going on. I think a lot of lessons were learned from that."

Securing restricted areas on campus is a challenge for the Groveton I.S.D. The district sits right on the corner of a major highway heading into town.

"When we're closed down, we're sitting right here in the middle of town. We have really no way of knowing when someone's up here but our police department will help us out on those things and we have people that live close by [that are concerned about the campus]."

Since last year's field house break in, the locks to several doors around campus have been changed. There is now better lighting and dead bolts were added at several of the entrances.

There is no fence surrounding the school buildings, but faculty and staff are keeping a closer eye on strangers they see on campus.

Administrators also said the town's police department and sheriff's deputies regularly patrol the area after classes have ended for the day.

Two of the Groveton High School students indicted in the sexual assault case have entered guilty pleas they are now on probation.